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Georgia’s Sex Crimes Laws Are Strict

The state of Georgia is notorious for its harsh treatment of sex offenders. Prosecutors seek imprisonment followed by years of probation and steep fines. Moreover, it is difficult for convicted sex offenders to find work and neighborhoods where they are permitted to live. It is absolutely essential for individuals charged with sex crimes to find a lawyer who will fight to protect their rights.

You Need A Lawyer Who Will Fight For Your Protection.

The attorneys at Phillips Carson Phillips aggressively defend individuals in Savannah and the surrounding area against charges of sex crimes. We practice in both state and federal jurisdictions. We have won acquittals for clients charged with rape, child molestation and other offenses.

We have also won acquittals for clients coerced into false confessions and for clients falsely charged with sex offenses.

We know the law. We are thorough in our preparation. We always stand ready to protect our clients vigorously.

We Provide a Rigorous Defense Against Sex Offense Charges

Phillips Carson Phillips criminal defense attorneys offer defense for sex crimes defense, including:

Accusations of these types of crimes have some of the worst implications. We are dedicated to helping you prepare the strongest possible defense and to prove your innocence. You have civil rights, and they should be protected.

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