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What should I do after an accident?

Police officer first starts by getting all the relevant information from the other driver. The plaintiff should go to the emergency room or to the hospital right away to be checked up. It’s not unusual for a person injured in an automobile collision not to realize that they’ve got injuries the first day. You have shock. Sometimes the injury takes a little bit of time to materialize, particularly if it’s what we call a soft tissue injury. Obviously, if you’ve got a broken bone, you’re going to know about that right away. If you’ve got some internal injuries or a soft tissue injury, you may not know about it. Still, it’s very important that you go to a provider as soon as possible and have a checkup and then bring in the results of that checkup. You may have to follow up with physical therapy. It’s important that you keep all of your doctor’s appointments, that you do what the doctors tell you to do, and you keep records of how much it cost you, the billing.