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Georgia Authorities Pursue White Collar Crimes Relentlessly

White collar crimes involve deceitful attempts to obtain money. They cause great financial harm to their victims and the government pursues them aggressively. Prosecutors routinely seek imprisonment for those charged, in addition to steep fines and restitution. It is important for individuals facing criminal allegations to find an attorney who is able to protect their rights.

Serving Savannah and the surrounding area, the attorneys of Phillips Carson Phillips have provided firm defense against white collar crime charges for more than 40 years. We are known in the region as aggressive trial lawyers and defend clients in both state and federal court. We prepare each case thoroughly, investigating and challenging every aspect of the prosecution’s case. We include our clients in all aspects of the process, working with them closely to build their defense.

We Offer White Collar Protection In Georgia’s State And Federal Courts

Phillips Carson Phillips’ lawyers offer defense against a variety of white collar charges, including:

  • Bank fraud — Illegally taking money or other assets from a financial institution
  • Embezzlement — Wrongfully acquiring assets from an individual or a company, undertaken by someone who had legal access to those assets
  • Criminal tax evasion — The avoidance of taxes by falsely filling out tax forms or failing to fill them out at all
  • Money laundering — The investment of illegally obtained money into properties or businesses, in an effort to conceal the money’s illegal origins
  • Identity theft — The use of another individual’s personal data — such as a name, a birth date, a Social Security number or a bank account number — for financial gain

The government is fierce in its prosecution. You need to assemble a formidable defense. The attorneys at Phillips Carson Phillips are ready to assist.

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