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Georgia Shows Little Mercy For Violent Offenders

Georgia ranks among the most dangerous states. The numbers of murders per capita and rapes per capita are far above the national average. For this reason, the courts treat violent offenses with the utmost seriousness. Depending on the crime, even first-time offenders can receive up to 20 years in prison. The penalties for repeat offenders are more severe. Without firm legal representation, individuals are likely to spend years and years behind bars.

The attorneys at Phillips Carson & Phillips can help. For more than 40 years, attorney Phillips has defended his clients in Savannah and the surrounding area against violent crime charges. His firm has tried thousands of cases, and won acquittals for clients facing all types of serious criminal allegations.

We Have A Reputation For Fighting Hard In Trial

Our lawyers are seasoned in both state court and federal court. We offer assistance in a wide range of violent criminal matters, including:

  • Murder — Homicide is the most serious offense, and requires the most staunch defense. There is no recovery from murder and the penalties reflect the finality of the offense. You have everything to lose in such cases, and may face the death penalty. If you find yourself charged with a homicide, our lawyers can help.
  • Assault and aggravated assault — Punishments for assault range from long probation to substantial prison sentences. We will work rigorously either to win the case or lessen the charges against you.
  • Robbery — In many cases, individuals convicted of robbery are not granted probation or suspended sentences, and are not eligible for parole. If you are charged with robbery, it is important to find a lawyer to fight on your behalf.
  • Rape and other sex crimes — State laws concerning sexual offenses are among the nation’s most severe. A conviction will change the course of your entire life. Phillips Carson & Phillips’ attorneys will work hard to prepare your defense.
  • Kidnapping — Ten years in jail is the minimum sentence for individuals convicted of kidnapping. In many cases, defendants face even harsher consequences. We examine every aspect of the cases against our clients and work to protect their rights.

The attorneys at Phillips Carson & Phillips are knowledgeable and diligent. We fight aggressively on your behalf. If you have been charged with a violent crime, our firm can provide the defense you need.

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