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We Can Help If You Have Been Injured By A Consumer Product

Defective products can severely harm their users. An air bag that fails to deploy, a medical implant that dislodges, heavy machinery that malfunctions — any of these can cause injury. Individuals who have been seriously hurt are, in many cases, entitled to compensation from a product’s manufacturer. An experienced, assertive attorney is crucial to establishing a successful claim.

The legal team at Phillips Carson & Phillips offers knowledgeable assistance in disputes arising from defective products. We serve the Greater Savannah region and have won damages from manufacturers of defective goods who have injured consumers.

We are selective in the cases we take on. This allows us to prepare our arguments thoroughly and obtain the most desired outcomes for our clients.

Rigorous Representation In Product Liability Suits

The rules governing product liability in Georgia are fairly straightforward. For a claim to be successful, it must be proved that the defendant manufactured the defective product, that the product was defective when it left the manufacturer and that the product’s defective condition caused the injury.

Still, establishing these points is difficult to do. Moreover, Georgia’s two-year statute of limitations means that injured parties must act fast. Phillips Carson & Phillips’ lawyers work swiftly and diligently in our pursuit of product liability claims. We know the law. We dedicate resources to researching each case. We will negotiate fiercely with opposing counsel and are unafraid to argue our clients’ claims in court. We are ready to assist.

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