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Is It Difficult To Prove Medical Malpractice In Georgia?

Medical malpractice comes about when a medical professional — a doctor, a dentist or a nurse, for example — causes a patient’s injury or death as a result of grossly negligent care. When this happens, victims and their families are entitled to compensation from the careless practitioners and also, in many cases, from the hospital, group or institutions for whom they work.

However, medical malpractice suits are difficult to pursue. In Georgia, the statute of limitations is typically just two years — individuals must act quickly. Establishing that an injury arose from negligence or carelessness is far from easy. It takes an experienced lawyer to pursue such a case successfully.

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The attorneys at Phillips Carson & Phillips can help. Attorney Phillips has more than 40 years’ experience serving clients in Savannah and the surrounding area, and has recovered millions of dollars in damages in medical malpractice suits. His firm has proved the occurrence of surgical errors. It has proved negligent misdiagnosis. It has produced successful results, and is ready to prepare a case for you.

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You have suffered at the hands of a medical practitioner. It is only fair that you obtain restitution. We will fight on your behalf.

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