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Penalties for Drug Charges

Drug cases really depend on the amount of drugs and what kind of drugs you’re dealing with. If it’s something like a marijuana charge and it’s not much marijuana, probably a case will be worked out with probation. If you’re facing a case with powder cocaine, for instance, and it’s many, many grams, it’s a heavier weight, as we call it. You’re facing prison time. These are charges that the state takes seriously, and by extension, the Georgia legislature. They have mandated laws that punish severely people that deal with different kinds of drugs and different amounts of drugs. Any time you’re facing a drug case, first question I always ask is what are you charged with, which drugs are we dealing with, and then how much was it. Then from there, we go and discovery more facts about the case, where were the drugs, where did they come from, that kind of thing, trying to get our mind wrapped around what the situation is and how we can help.