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Will I Lose My License? My Job?

A first-time offender of Georgia’s drunk driving laws will still face jail time, fines of hundreds of dollars and a one-year driver’s license suspension. For repeat offenders, the penalties are more severe. Moreover, your insurance costs will increase. Losing your driving privileges can make it difficult to travel to and from work. If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a DUI will almost certainly mean the loss of employment. If you are underage and charged with a DUI, the consequences can affect future plans including employment and college.

An experienced attorney can help to reduce your drunk driving charges — and, in some cases, have them dismissed. The lawyers at Phillips Carson Phillips provide an aggressive DUI defense to individuals in Savannah and the surrounding coastal empire. We have extensive courtroom experience. When it will produce the best legal outcome, we will negotiate with opposing counsel. But we are skilled, successful trial lawyers and are always prepared to take a case to court.

We Take A Thorough Approach To Challenging DUI Charges

Phillips Carson & Phillips offers legal representation to:

We will investigate every aspect of the charge against you. Mistakes happen frequently. Authorities often violate drivers’ rights. If any wrongdoing has taken place, we will detect it and work rigorously to have your case thrown out.

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Drunk driving charges are serious. Whether through negotiation, diversion programs or arguing in court, the attorneys at Phillips Carson Phillips will strive to help you achieve the most desirable legal outcomes. Contact us online to schedule a free consultation. You can also call us in Savannah at 912-232-0081.