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Why You Need a Savannah DUI Defense Attorney

A DUI can be a serious problem for people, depending on the circumstances. If you drive for a living, like a truck driver or cab driver, it is especially troublesome. You may find yourself going to court to deal with a DUI, which is a situation where you need a Savannah DUI defense attorney.

Keeping Points Off of Your Record

Getting a DUI can affect your driver’s license. More specifically, you could get points on your license. While this isn’t the worst thing that could happen, it can lead to other problems.

For example, your insurance premiums could change because of it. Getting multiple DUIs or traffic violations can have the points add up, putting you in danger of losing your license.

Working with a DUI defense attorney may help you avoid getting points on your license. There are ways that attorneys can build a defense and argue on your behalf that can sway a judge to decide against giving you points or giving you an easy way to get the points back off of your license.

Avoiding License Suspension

If you already have points on your license or the DUI is severe enough, you are at risk of having your license suspended. This is more likely if you are a repeat offender or you clearly put someone else’s life at risk with your behavior. In this case, having a DUI defense attorney can impact the judge’s decision.

Handling Criminal and Civil Charges

If your DUI is accompanied by damage to another vehicle or similar issues, you could face other criminal charges or even civil charges. You’ll be summoned to court about the case, and you should have an attorney to help you through the legal process. It could be the difference between paying a lot in damages and not paying damages at all.

Managing the Legal Process and Evidence

Whatever the potential situation you find yourself in, there will be a legal process to go with it. Navigating legal processes on your own can quickly lead to problems unless you are a trained attorney. Rather than taking chances with your future, hire a DUI defense attorney to help you manage the legal process.

DUI defense attorneys can have the training and experience to help you get the best possible outcome when dealing with a DUI. Before you do anything related to your case, discuss it with a DUI defense attorney to make sure that you are taking the right steps to protect yourself.

Contact a Savannah Criminal Defense Attorney

DUIs can carry lasting consequences for you if you don’t handle the case properly. Make sure that you are taking the right steps to protect yourself by hiring a good DUI defense attorney. They can help you navigate the legal system, advocate for yourself, and possibly help you get the best outcome from your case. Discuss your case with a lawyer before taking any action on your own. Contact Phillips Carson Phillips by calling (912) 232-0081 or using our online contact form to schedule a free consultation today.