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Why Prostitution is a Crime in Georgia

Prostitution is a crime which has a stigma, an often taboo type of crime that has been linked to human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. In spite of prostitution being a crime, Georgia does recognize and is concerned with the great potential for human trafficking including sexual servitude in prostitution.


In this article, we will look at why Georgia has criminalized prostitution and what legal resources are available to those facing criminal charges for engaging in prostitution. We will also discuss why it is important to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer if you or someone you know has been accused of prostitution-related crimes.

Misdemeanor Offense

Sex work has existed for centuries. However, most countries have laws against prostitution because of its potential for exploitation and harm to vulnerable individuals. In Georgia under Code § 16-6-9, prostitution is considered a misdemeanor offense with potential jail time and fines for those convicted. The state’s laws are designed to protect both victims of sex trafficking and those who are just trying to make a living through sex work.

Potential for Exploitation in Sex Work

The primary reason that prostitution is illegal in Georgia lies in its potential for exploitation and abuse. Prostitution can be used as a way for traffickers to control their victims; they may force them into debt bondage or require them to pay off debts with sexual services instead of money. Additionally, there are often cases where prostitutes become dependent on their pimps or traffickers for basic needs such as food, shelter, transportation, etc., leaving them unable to leave even if they want to do so. Moreover, research shows that prostitutes are more likely than non-prostitutes to experience physical violence from customers or pimps while engaging in sex work – further highlighting the need for stronger laws against prostitution in order to protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation and abuse.

Preventing Organized Crime

In addition to protecting those who may be exploited by sex workers, Georgia’s laws also aim to help prevent organized crime related to prostitution from taking root within the state’s borders. By making it illegal to buy or sell sexual services within the state’s jurisdiction, law enforcement can take steps towards eliminating organizations that facilitate these activities – such as brothels or networks that arrange meetings between buyers and sellers – thereby reducing the amount of crime associated with prostitution in Georgia.

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