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When Should I Call a Lawyer After an Injury

Meet Bobby Phillips

For more than four decades, Attorney Bobby Phillips has represented people in Savannah and the surrounding area with a primary focus on protecting and defending his clients. Among the many things he knows is when is the best time to contact a personal injury lawyer after an injury has occurred.


“You call a lawyer anytime you think you might have a case, because there are some times that a person would not know, particularly if the person, for example, was in the grocery store, dropped a bottle of milk, and then slipped in it. If that person caused the situation by spilling the milk, she wouldn’t have a case, but you don’t know if you don’t contact a lawyer. It may have been that the milk carton was defective and then leaked all of a sudden, and you didn’t know it, or you didn’t realize it. Every case has to be looked at by a professional. Attorneys have been trained to look for the issues which might arise that would give a good claim for liability. An important thing for an attorney to do, and I do it quite often, is to take time to be patient, to explain to a client why you do not have a claim. I just reviewed a personal injury death claim where a young lady was on a dirt bike, had a collision with another dirt bike, and she was killed. We looked at the records and made a determination that if there was negligence, it was negligence on both the decedent’s part as well as the other party’s. They were both teenagers. It was a very tragic situation. Some law firms just look at that and say we’re not interested. I normally try to get the client in, sit down with her and him and explain why there’s not a case, because sometimes people are just looking for closure and trying to understand why there’s nothing I can do for having lost my child. That’s a very hard situation to be in, but I think it’s important to answer those questions.”

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Over the years, Attorney Philips has earned a reputation for being aggressive, efficient, and highly successful. With founding partner John Carson and son Jonathan Boone Phillips, Phillips Carson  Phillips continues that tradition, giving personal attention and care to your legal matters.

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