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What Makes A Good Savannah Criminal Lawyer? (Video)

Effective criminal lawyers excel in preparation, empathy, and case knowledge. But what specific qualities define a top-tier criminal lawyer? Bobby Phillips, a seasoned criminal defense attorney from Phillips, Carson & Phillips, shares his experience and outlines the core attributes to look for.


Three things: preparation, preparation, preparation. If you don’t know your case, you’re not going to do very well. If you don’t know the law, you’re definitely not going to do very well. You also have to have the ability to relate to the jury. You have to be compassionate to understand why your client did that. I’ve represented hundreds, if not thousands of criminal defendants. For the most part, I’ve liked it. I go home and I tell my wife, “I think he’s innocent. Then maybe we’ll turn around and enter a guilty plea. You have to be invested in your client’s case. You have to care about the outcome. Then you have to really be prepared. The preparation is the thing that I think defines the criminal defense attorney. You’ve got to know the facts of the case, and you’ve got to know the law.

Preparation is Paramount

Bobby Phillips highlighted the importance of preparation, heralding it as the triad of success: “Preparation, preparation, preparation.” Knowing the case inside out, understanding the applicable laws, and being ready for anything within the courtroom may blow are non-negotiable for a defense attorney. This comprehensive groundwork lays the foundation for a robust defense.

Persuasion and Empathy

Being a successful criminal lawyer is also about having the ability to connect with the jury on a human level. Phillips emphasizes the need for compassion and the ability to convey the defendant’s perspectives convincingly. Understanding and relating the client’s story in a way that resonates with the jury is a critical skill.

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