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What Crimes Might Happen in Savannah?

One of the statistics that people look at when deciding where to move is crime statistics. Every city and state measures crime rates, as well as the types of crime in a given area. This not only helps with law enforcement management but can also help people decide how safe an area is. In this article, we take a look at the potential crimes in Savannah, GA.

what crimes might happen in Savannah - criminal arrest for different crimes

How Are Crime Statistics Measured?

Crime statistics are usually measured by police in an area. Every report that is filed is included in the analysis, making it a relatively accurate way to measure crime. In many places, law enforcement agencies provide crime reports to the public on a monthly basis, making it easy for residents to see what is happening in their area.

What Crimes Are Common in Savannah?

There are several categories of crimes detailed in some of the latest reports from the Savannah Police Department. These include:

Theft From Physical Locations

According to the reports, theft of various types is the biggest problem that people face in Savannah. There have been 1,454 cases reported just this year so far. Theft from physical locations, like stores and homes, is the leading issue by far. This is actually a good sign, as violent crimes are less likely, and the majority of crime in the area is against property, not people.

Theft From Vehicles

Theft from vehicles is the second highest crime problem in Savannah, which makes sense considering that theft from locations was the highest. 23% of all reported crimes were thefts from vehicles. It just means that you are more likely to experience problems with having things stolen than being put in danger yourself.

Vehicle Theft and Burglary

Having your car stolen or your location broken into comes up next on the list, which also makes sense since they are linked to the other two highest-rated crimes. Again, it shows that you are not as likely to face imminent danger from criminals and, instead, have a higher chance of facing more passive crimes.

Assault and Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are on the low end of the statistics. These include stats like assault, assault with a gun, and the more serious violent crimes up to homicide. No area is virtually free of these types of crimes, but the numbers coming from Savannah are surprisingly low for a city of its size. Only 11 homicides have been reported this year.

An Interesting Take Away: Homicide is Not Likely

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the report is that the most violent crimes are rare. More specifically, homicide is very unlikely in Savannah. It had the lowest occurrence rate in the entirety of tracked crimes, barely breaking into double digits. For most places, this is a great indicator of overall safety.

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