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Should I Call My Insurance Company? (VIDEO)

Car accidents are stressful events. In the aftermath, you might be unsure about the steps to take, especially when dealing with insurance companies. Contacting your insurer may seem like a formal step, but it is essential. There are notable benefits associated with notifying your insurance provider early, as discussed by personal injury lawyer Bobby Phillips.

Quick Repairs

According to Bobby Phillips, one significant advantage of notifying your insurance company immediately if your car is damaged is the potential for quicker repairs. In his discussion, Phillips outlines that by involving your insurance provider early, they take the initiative to handle the situation more expediently. Your insurance company will typically reach out to the other driver’s insurer to recover the costs, but crucially, this process often doesn’t delay the commencement of your vehicle repairs.

Coordination Between Insurance Companies

An essential role of your insurance company post-accident is to liaise with the other driver’s insurer. Through what is known as the subrogation process, your insurance company seeks reimbursement for payments made for your car’s repair from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. This coordination helps speed up the process as your insurer handles the legalities and negotiations, allowing you to focus on other recovery aspects from the accident.

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Contacting your insurance company is just one of the many steps in handling your accident. More importantly, contact a personal injury lawyer to represent you, even with your own insurance company. At Phillips Carson Phillips, we represent people just like you who have been in car accidents and need strong representation to get the compensation that they deserve. Contact Phillips Carson Phillips today by calling (912) 232-0081 for a free consultation.