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Law in a Post-COVID World (video)

In this video, John Carson discussed how business practices have changed since the Coronavirus Pandemic.


When COVID hit in March of 2020, we didn’t know what to do. Courts are a very involved, in-person process. We go to the courthouse. We sit in the courtroom with people that we don’t know, the public. The judge sits on a bench. We talk to the judge. When COVID hit, we were trying to decide how we would go forward with this pandemic facing us. Within a few months, the courts worked out a system where we did things by video, typically WebEx, something like that, or Zoom. We did our hearings on the computer virtually. The clients could be with us in the office, or they could be in the comfort of their home, sometimes in their automobile, at their office, wherever they wanted to be. We were able to do this. We carried this virtual process on for about two years. We have just now gone back to in-person literally within the last few weeks. It’s a learning curve for people, because they’re not used to having to drive down to the courthouse and find parking and find the courtroom and sit in a live courtroom. We continue to offer both virtual and in-person meetings in our office, whatever people are preferring or comfortable with. We’re happy to have them here. In-person contact’s wonderful. In today’s busy world, if they want to schedule a meeting with us by telephone or by virtual, by FaceTime, whatever, we can do that, so whatever’s easiest for them.

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