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In Georgia Is Possessing Marijuana a Crime?  

The laws around marijuana and cannabis are changing across the country, which can make it a bit difficult to understand where the line between legal and illegal is. With simply possessing marijuana possibly being a crime, you want to be sure of the laws before taking possession of marijuana. This is especially true in Georgia, where marijuana laws changed recently.

possession of marijuana a crime in georgia

Is Marijuana Possession Illegal?

While the laws have changed in many places, marijuana possession is not legal in Georgia, except for specific medical uses. Medical marijuana is legal in Georgia with a permit, but marijuana must be purchased from a legal dealer for a specific medical purpose. In April 2023, the first cannabis dispensary opened in Georgia.

Just having marijuana in your possession from any other source or without a permit is still considered a crime. The severity of that crime depends on how much you have and if you intend to sell it or not.

Georgia Laws Regarding Marijuana

In Georgia, the only form of marijuana that is legal is medical marijuana. This is distinguished from cannabis by its THC content. Cannabis and its related products have a low THC level and are legal. Marijuana has a higher THC level and is not unless it is made for medical purposes.

It is also illegal to grow and sell marijuana in Georgia unless you are a licensed grower or distributor. Essentially, you cannot have marijuana in your possession unless you have a license from the state that says you are allowed to. Any other situation will be treated as a crime, and you will likely face criminal charges if found with marijuana in your possession.

What Do I Do If Charged With Possession?

If you are caught with marijuana, you will likely be charged with possession. If this happens, the first thing that you should do is contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help you address the charges that are filed against you.

Work with your attorney to plan your defense. Make sure that you are honest and provide the information that your attorney needs. For example, your medical marijuana license and receipts of purchases can be helpful. Your attorney will know what evidence to ask you for or go find.

Also, avoid having marijuana in your possession while you are waiting to go to court. You don’t want to risk having repeat offenses, which can make arguing your case much harder.

Contact a Savannah Criminal Defense Attorney

Marijuana possession can have significant long-term consequences if it ends up on your record. Before you take any other action, discuss your case with a qualified attorney. Handling a possession charge can be a complex process, but the right attorney can get you the best possible outcome. It just requires working with an attorney to make sure that you are taking the right steps toward protecting yourself.

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